Our Team

To achieve our vision and mission, we have assembled a leadership team that boosts huge experience in commercial, engineering, and management. The team will work through the board of directors and the executive management to ensure that Al Tawfeeq can deliver on its purpose and continue to contribute positively to the development of the future of Qatar.

Abdullah A.Al Mustafawi Al-Hashemi
We are very confident that our history and reputation together with the vision and expertise of the board of directors and executive management will be a driving force to our future success.

Managing Director
Samer Al Ani
We are determined to lead the contracting and construction sector in Qatar through merging international best practices with 60 years of local market’s understanding to play our role in Qatar’s future.

Board member
Mohammed Abdulla Al Mustafawi Al-Hashemi
These are very exciting times for Qatar’s economy with major projects taken place as part of National Vision 2030. We are well positioned to support and contribute to this growth in years to come.

Board Member
Hashim Abdulla Al Mustafawi Al-Hashemi
The re launch of our contracting activities is a strategic move that aims at leveraging the strengths of Al Tawfeeq group to help building the bright future that Qatar deserves.